The Value Add Basketball statistic measures each players impact on the point spread, and their “value” to their team. Click on the link below to see players from last season and the impact they had on their teams point spread.

According to Value Add, Matt Stainbrook had the biggest impact and most value to Xavier last year with a 4.18 rating, Semaj was 2nd with a 2.90 rating, and James Farr 3rd with a 2.33 rating. These numbers dictate how much the point spread would change if these players missed a game. For example (hypothetically), if Matt Stainbrook missed a game last year, Xavier would lose about 4 points on their margin of victory/defeat.

Other interesting statistics from Value Add: Semaj Christon was Xavier’s most valuable offensive player last year with a 2.54 offensive rating, and Dee Davis was the most valuable defender with a 1.47 rating. 

When using the Value Add statistic to examine this years incoming freshman class for Xavier it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.38.29 AM

No surprise to see Bluiett leading the class with a 3.20 rating. His rating is the 3rd best among freshman in the Big East. More importantly the 2014 freshman class combines for a 8 value add rating. Which means they should increase Xavier’s scoring margin by 8 pts. 

The bottom line, according to Value Add, Trevon Bluiett will be the most valuable freshman for Xavier this year (will be as valuable as Stainbrook & Semaj were last year for XU), with Makinde London and J.P. Macura also proving to be quite valuable (comparable to the value Reynolds & Philmore provided last year).