In anticipation of the Pacers vs. Cavs matchup @ The Cintas Center on October 15th, and for our Wednesday segment, “Where are they now”, we take a look at former Xavier great and current Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach, James Posey.


James Posey 99′, will always be known for his defensive prowess. He looks to bring his defensive skills to the Cleveland Cavaliers this season as one of their new assistant coaches. Joey Gulino, from Yahoo Sports, argues that the addition of James Posey to this team might be their must underrated and maybe their most significant move this offseason. Seems crazy right? They added Lebron and Kevin Love.

Despite Posey’s inexperience as a coach, he should bring a defensive mindset that was able to shut down Lebron in the 2008 playoffs. In the series between the Cavs and Celtics, Lebron shot 8 of 42, and a big reason behind his struggle was the man who guarded him for parts of that game, James Posey.

Playing with defensive stars like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, and learning under Doc Rivers, has taught James how to be a great defender and how to shut down a star like Lebron James. He will look to implement his own experience as a defensive minded player into this Cavs team.

I’m not sure If I agree with Joey Gulino from Yahoo Sports, that this is the Cavs biggest addition. But I do believe that adding Posey to this staff will improve the Cavs defense, and help Lebron go up against tough defensive teams.